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we also offer a look at Cajun bayou life and Native traditions along with some home-style cooking and recipes! John Mark Tends to have a inspiring message with each session 

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John Mark Davis's newest single "Honky Tonk Christmas Eve"  (just click the link below) is available in an MP3 Download. John Mark's album"Carrying On The Name" is available in MP3, Vinyl, or C.D., we also offer Bayou Self Sessions, and John Mark Davis  memorabilia such as; Cozies, Tee shirts, caps, stickers, key chains, and much more!

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John Mark Davis Bio

This son of an Indian Chief is a native of Southeast Texas (Beaumont/Port Arthur)

John Mark is an "Old School" styled Country Music Recording Artist/Singer, Songwriter with a Cajun Creole twist!

John Mark has a faithful following of diehard fans who describe him as "Soulful", "Real Country Music" Artist, whose performances are fun and extremely entertaining, and his vocals are "Heartfelt"

John Mark is a throwback from when Country Music was about real life stories accented with a fiddle and a steel guitar, and the beat kept the dance floors loaded from Texas to Louisiana! John Mark's music is heavily influenced from his Cajun background and his upbringing in a diverse community. His Mother is a soulful County/Swamp Pop Singer and Entertainer and the community he was raised in was filled practically door to door with musicians and entertainers from all Genres of music from Traditional Cajun, Zydeco, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Rock and Roll, Swamp Pop, and Outlaw Country Music. John Mark recorded a 14 song album in 2004 ("Carrying On The Name") of which ten of the songs were written by him. He is working on re-releasing this project. ("Carrying On The Name" is now released as of February 6 2018)  He has started a show on You Tube in 2012 that was gaining  a foothold and a devout following called; "Backroads America" where he performed cover tunes and gave interesting, historical facts on Country Music Artists. He also leaves you with his own perspective on Country Music. By 2016 John Mark Davis has weathered some contract, family, and financial issues that have put "Backroads America" and his album "Carrying On The Name" on hiatus. He Has new material and an exciting, fun and informative script that he has started performing on Facebook called "John Mark Davis's Bayou Self Sessions.  

https://www.facebook.com/bayouself.sessions/ . John Mark is back in the studio, working on a new album  "Louisiana Line" to be release later in 2018 or early 2019!

John Mark Davis is of Native American and Cajun ethnicity. He enjoys hunting, fishing, cowboying, cooking, farming, processing homegrown food and participating in Pow Wows and traditional native dances. He says; "I love all of those activities equally as much as the other, but while I am doing any of these other things, my mind is always on my music and the stage, but when I'm on the stage, I think of nothing else!"

John Mark just adores scratching the itching ear of the Traditional Country Music crowd! Like a radio personality once said of John Mark's music; "This is the purest form of hardcore, hardwood floor Country Music!"

John Mark is determined to give you your money's worth, whether it's at a backyard barbeque or on the stage at a packed theater! He believes that it is crucial to SING and FEEL every word of a song, rather than just remembering the lyrics and the melody!

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